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So I saw someone rocking the full Chrissie Hynde this morning, and I did think for a minute, in my bleary, sleep deprived state, that maybe that dvd boxset had hit me harder than I thought last night and I'd ended up in 1978.

No such luck. Just another dreary weekday. Oh well.
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Since the whole phone hacking thing I've noticed that the gossip feeds have gone eerily quiet, which means that either the publishers are being cautious, or everyone in the entertainment industry is behaving themselves.

Well, everyone except that wicked Sooty, of course. Of all the British celebs to end up in the shame files, I never figured the next one would be Sooty: Sooty apologises for Paul Daniels pizza-throwing injury.

It was this quote in particular that had me doubled over in mirth, but I really think you need to have grown up watching the Goodies puppet government episode, alas, but I was rotflmao to within an inch of my life.
"Sweep said Sooty was so shocked by it all that he was speechless afterwards."

Snort. Giggle. Wheeze. Yes, I am five. I've been behaving like a five year old week. I'd like to blame the nightly roadworks. There's just something about prolonged sleep deprivation (and hormones) that just makes everything more extreme.

[Update: Sooty read my guffawing tweets and replied with an unhappy face. No, really. I have distressed Sooty with my tittering and I'm sorry. I am a bad, bad person. But seriously, Sooty's on Twitter? I live in a strange, strange world - and I can show you the official reply if ye dinnae believe me.]

Anyhoo, trying to be cheerful, I note with delight that someone has at last shown young Matty how to wear a hat and wear it well. Either that or he's finally got his hands on one of my favourite books, City of Shadows, from the Police and Justice museum. I have a signed copy from the book launch - smug.

Certainly looks like it anyway. Kind of reminds me of George Sanders, too. Yes, they've been playing the old 40s Saint fillums on 7TWO in the wee small hours. J' Adore.

Forties Saint is so damn arch and tricksy and amoral. I just love those flicks to bits.
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I've found a new cafe to offer a port in a storm (actual and literal storm in this case). It's half deserted and the food is abysmal, and I realise these are not entirely unrelated phenomena, but, alas, my favourite cafe is now too good, too popular, too crowded and too noisy for me to curl up in the corner with my girlish scribbles.

This cafe still isn't as quiet as I could hope, but it'll have to do. The food is shocking though, not even the coffee is a safe bet (oh, so not, oh dear me, no). I realise now I will never be a writer, but never let it be said I've not suffered for my meagre arts. Certainly not with that coffee. That's real pain, that is.

No indeed. Dreadful coffee aside there were the blisters the size of turnips I gave myself trudging over Manhatten, though that was, originally, meant to be a street photography project but it somehow got sidetracked. Then there was the day I'd set aside for reconnaissance in Oxford that turned out to be blizzardy, and I still went out and took the icy wind in the teeth.

My trips to see the little tin bird, the wall, the baths, Yorkminster, etc, oh I wouldn't swap that. Best ever, it really was. Perhaps I should have stuck with number one fandom. Ah, well.
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I wish someone could see me today. I've done that thing again where I've dropped three dress sizes after three days in hell and I just want someone to see it before I spring back into Jabba mode by the end of the week.

Would that I could keep this up the whole time, but alas a diet solely consisting of whisky, flu tablets and painkillers just isn't practical when one has to hold down a proper job and household without all that 'support' that those vacuous little children in Hollywood refer to, if ever, when explaining how they maintain their fabulous jetsetting lifestyles, shiny homes and bony hips. Grumble.

Anyhoo, household managed under duress (freezing temps, annoyed parrots) and some of the mighty dvd backlog caught up on.

Just about up to date on Burn Notice, and just as well as Friday's ep went MIA from the tv schedule (if they moved it, I never found it).
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They're real! They exist! I saw them! Yep, finally, finally, finally saw The Specials. Live. And they were brilliant! Worth waiting for - even if I had to wait a lifetime.
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Gentle reader, I put it to you that the makers of Merlin have seen the Princess Bride.
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King Arthur wants you to buy his flour. I'm sorry, a friend sent me an Arthur monogrammed box in the post, and I'm delighted. Also delighted with the contents, and the hot water bottle has already been deployed, because it's touched on 20C here and that's the temperature at which I start to turn blue, soft southerner that I am.

Ouch. I just accidentally spoiled myself for Torchwood but good. And it kinda puts a thick black line through just about anything I was going to dribble about in today's post, and time's up on writing that anyway.
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Wed: I nearly didn't get home in time for Pushing Daisies last night, which would have been a pity because there was Pushing Daisies pie last night. Yes, actually. The dvd box set (which I bought cause I'm tired of missing PD on account of having to stay back for unpaid OT) came with a recipe book and while nothing else was done, pie was made. And it was rather good, too. I was worried, being an American recipe, that it'd dissolve my teeth on contact, but the bitterness of the local strawberries met and conquered the sticky syrupy sweetness (Himself grumbled that having the power to revitalise rotting fruit would be handy with our local grocer's shoddy produce as it took him four punnets to find enough viable fruit for said pie).
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Monday: Hey ho. Rather rubbish weekend, but at least it rained some of the time, which meant dvds! (Okay, it should have meant other things but it was bucket day so dvds it was).

And so much for my vow of no Christian Cooke. I'd entirely forgotten he played Richard Armitage's sweet young thang in the first episode of George Gently. Oh yeah, I got my mits on some George Gently and I had other stuff to watch but I caught Lee Ingleby being period copper in a Marple I'd not seen before and I was happily diverted so I decided to stay in the grove.
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Well, perhaps not, but I've just put in an order at amazon (exemption re misery) and with any luck I'll be awash with hot blonds and old coppers in a couple of weeks.

Not that I haven't got enough to be going on with, like over a month's worth of House and Life, but still, I needed something shiny to cheer me up, having been unreasonably meh of late. Speaking of House, this article, so much love: Behind the scenes on Bones with Stephen Fry.

This week has found me in John Hurt mode. No, not slashing the boys (though that'd be fun). I'm talking Alien (those of a nervous disposition will probably prefer to skip this post).
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"But Ken realised it would be quite a small amount of time and would enable him to grow one of the many moustaches he hopes to grow over the course of his career." - Richard Curtis, BBC

Monday: Ow, my head. I have a thumping headache, and I actually managed to turn off my alarm in the twenty minutes of kip I managed to squeeze twixt committments, and I shoulda listened because I've been here three hours now and the best I've managed is to open notepad. Lousy technology.

So in lieu of doing something useful I'm going to tell you all about my weekend. Not that what kept me back late last night and yet more unpaid overtime was in any way useful. But I digress.
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Wed: Oh, there's not much posting going on this week. I mean, I knew this was gonna be a bitch of a week anyway, but this monster cold on top of everything I've got scheduled? Not welcome. So not happy.

My nobe is so stuffed I was weeping freely on the bus this morning, and good heavens, I was only reading "The Sword in the Stone". It's been ages (read decades) since I've touched it, so it's oddly familiar in some parts, and weirdly new in others, rather like watching back some tv show I watched as a kid. What has really amused me though, despite the streaming eyes and soggy tissues this morning, was that the folks who threw together Merlin have obviously read their TH White.
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I keep smiling over the idea that the dear old BBC might have misunderstood what is meant by the 'romance of Merlin and Arthur'. It actually means from the stories, that are written in French, rather than the two boys gazing deeply into each other's eyes, but never mind, keep up the good work.

That said, Merlin and Arthur do demonstrate all the qualities of courtly love, what with all their deeds and sacrifices, and not for the benefit of fair maidens, I might note, but for the sake of each other. How sweet. Or not.

I've been reading about courtly love. It's more fucked up than Dexter. Seriously.
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There needs to be some sort of term for when gentlemen accidentally, or quite knowingly, slash themselves, that is, are caught publiclly engaging in lavender filled fantasies/drooling/fondling of, say, a co-star of the same gender. I'm just sayin' there should be a term for chaps airing/demonstrating their RPS scenarios to the world, other than ooo-er and "I think he doth protest too much" (not to mention: "they are so doing it").

But in other news, ahem, my dvds of Merlin arrived. Whee! Now I need not worry about what EvilChannelTen will do to my show (cf what they did to Torchwood). Would that I could indulge in indulgent silliness, but I've not had any time to call my own of late (hence the complete lack of blog posts).

In further other news, I found this (while the server stalled, I hasten to add):

But Anthony is far from shocked by Stephen's excesses.

He said: "It was liberating. When I first read it I thought, 'Wow. Can you say that?' "Then I thought, 'Yes, go on, of course you can.' "I was in the States when my agent emailed it through.

"I was with a friend who's done a couple of movies that are quite well-known for their frankness, and she was going, 'Hell, you can't do that.' So I thought, 'No, I can't.'
- Daily Record

I wonder just whom Mr Head was chatting to, eh?
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FRIDAY: Ooh, I'm getting in trouble for not reading emails. Sorry. Been really, really busy and it's way too hot for my poor old wheezing lap top. It's supposed to get up to 47C on Sunday. Everyone is saying to stay home on the weekend. (and the peanut gallery is promising to wear something diaphanous, which fair boggles the mind).

And on that, never mind. Been a bit upset this week, more than a bit to be honest, but I've heard negativity leads to mass unfriending so I'll try to keep a lid on it. One must be peppy and entertaining above all things (even tho the server was down, my software wasn't working and my keyboard was dead, all before I'd made my first cup of tea. Keep smiling. Must not show them I'm rattled).

So there's not a lot to say about yesterday, which mercifully, I had off and even being up to my elbows in cockroach poo and worse while cleaning both kitchen and bathroom, it was still way better than being at work. Got the laundry done, carried about 27 buckets of water about the garden, cause I also had to wash out all the bottles of ex sauces etc from the ex fridge that I discovered had been left for me, for a week, in the hot sun. Mmmm, tasty. Still way better than being at work, though. And at least I've managed to get the food dye stains on my hands down so now I just look like a smoker, not a bank robber (though which is the least socially acceptable these days?) but I still smell disturbingly of old chutney and pickles, etc. All the oils of Araby won't sweeten this little hand, etc, etc.
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