Sep. 29th, 2010 03:14 pm
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Tuesday: They've wheeled away all the office plants. Cost cutting, I'm aware, and I'd rather that lovely palm be tossed than me (possibly, probably), but still, it seems to barren here. And I wore my flouncy spring top in and everything. Oh well.

Further to my comments yesterday, I think it would have been easier if I'd just gone to what Joss Whedon said. When he was growing up, he was fine with blood and guts, it was people lying that had him covering his eyes and groaning.

As it is with me. I understand that there must be conflict for drama to occur. Still doesn't mean I won't be watching it from behind my hands, being completely horrified.
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This week: Where did the week go? Soon my life will just consist of Mondays, to eventually just become one single Monday entity. Saturday was fun. Three art heists, one spot of computer fraud, and that was before I got anywhere near White Collar which was about...oh well, whatever it was about.

Anyway, yes, Saturday dawned gloriously and while I multitasked there was some cracking telly going on. Art, and almost exclusively pretend post Impressionist pieces, on the Thunderbirds, Hustle and Get Smart.
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Or when extraordinarily crap actors happen to good shows, or shows I was watching, in any case.

Monday: I've been travelling via train a lot lately (effing transport) and I noticed the no boozing sign was a crossed out martini glass, ala Ghostbusters. So I had to wonder, who is this phantom martini swiller who clinks the martini glasses on grotty cityrail trains? Because it's so not the place where anyone would ever pour themselves a martini, either shaken or stirred.

I am, of course, imagining some desperate version of Jason King, having lost the Bentley in the GFC, and now drowning his sorrows in suitable fashion every time he boards those vile carriages. Poor Jason, that it has come to this?

Yes, I am easily distracted by unreality.

Meanwhile, we stayed up late on Friday night to discover why there was a disturbance in the force as 7 million voices cried out in dismay. In other words, I watched the last episode of Sherlock.
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I know you want to know: the coat passed. Just passed, mind, but it still passed. Hell, I even got a couple of smiles, though, to be honest, the friendliest people were, and are always, the STC staff who, unlike the gatekeepers over at the Opera House, always go way out of their way to look after the token westie subscriber and make her feel welcome. And you know what? I need it and appreciate it because it's very scary to go to these places where everyone else makes more in an hour than I make in a year. Seriously out of my league, but at least the staff don't scowl imperiously, which is something. More than something. I couldn't bear it if they did. Well done STC, and your bettering of this working class peasant, at least.

So anyway, went to see some proper American theatre, starring no less a personage than William Hurt. I've never been a huge fan but back in the day when friends from school and uni used to try dragging me kicking and screaming to art films, he was the art film go to boy of choice, and I'd always dismissed the possibility of ever seeing the man on stage, existing in a parochical backwater as I am.
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TUES: It's an odd thing but every time I'm banished off to the branch office a little gift from a friend arrives. It's wonderful. Instead of standing up for two hours on a crumbling bus on crumbling roads, I'm kickin' back watching Tim and Matt. Happiness.
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I hate to mention this as a dear friend was bemoaning her empty weekend, and would it help if I said it was absolutely pissing down when I set out and I got soaked to the skin despite feeble umbrella and damn nearly ruined my shoes fording gutters that were running like creeks? And it took forever and forever again before a bus finally turned up and the trains were out? But we did have a massive sushi train session and while certain mgazines elluded me I did find an old edition of US weekly featuring a certain American actor I dare not mention. And a lovely bound edition of Bill's sonnets and A Lover's Complaint which I was peversely reading while waiting for the show to start.
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on the QT

Jan. 29th, 2010 02:27 pm
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Thursday: Well, last night I actually got to do exactly what I wanted to do: wallowed in a couple of hours of Chuck. Thanks to a dear friend I now have both seasons and no longer am at the mercy of erractic scheduling, and I just wallowed in ad free Chuck-ness. I heart that show hardcore.

Oh yeah, loved everything else (I have my own goat now - grin) and the Peanut Gallery exclaimed "Pumpkiny Wumpkinys!" and ran off trailing orange Halloween streamers (you see what I have to put up with) so that was a big hit, too. Will I wear the t-shirt this weekend, or is it too obscure? Hmmm.
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Today I've learnt that Arthur Dent is James Bond's cousin, you can never have too many cactus people in Dr Who and the Top Gear boys are bigger girls about spiders than I am.
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First of all I'm upset over Edward Woodward. We were only discussing Callan just the other day (the original Fixer). Wibble.

Then there was spending Sunday hip deep in redback spiders. Which can kill ya, bye the bye.
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mr fixit

Oct. 4th, 2009 01:37 pm
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I must thank a dear friend for recc'ing The Fixer. I ripped through the first four episodes last Sunday evening. My, who knew Mr Buchan was that ripped under the clerical collar in Jane Eyre? Heh. It's kind of a post 70s gritty kitchen sinky Sweeney/Professionals/Dirty Dozen version of Mission Impossible, ain't it? And while a touch right wing (the police state offing citizens it doesn't like without recourse to judicial process) it's kinda dirty fun. And Mercer is a compellingly effed up character. Lenny is scary (sadly brusque Scotsmen don't work for me the way they do my friends, I just had a brusque and annoyed Scotsman growling at me an hour ago on account of my hormonal ditziness impacting on his schedule) and, horrors, I think Callum, the hoodie with a heart of gold, got me when he presented Mercer is burnt offerings for dinner. Awwww. Also enjoyed Ciarán letting his accent off the leash for once :) Yummy! (Been lots of Ciarán lately on cable out my way).
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From the mouths of babes and young British actors:
Merlin favourite Bradley James reveals unlikely 'bromance' with on-screen rival

These are the salad days, while the lads are still endearingly candid, before they get sent forth with minders or learn the game and just stick to the PR script. Sigh. Nevertheless, it gave me a chuckle despite all the backtracking that occurs within said interview. Bless.
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Hmmm, how to update the old lj without whining about how miserable I am. Tricky. Let's just take it as read that I'm bloody miserable and being back at work is compounding said misery. Moving on...

At least I know now that if I were sitting in the sun by the river at Hampton Court watching the bees buzz from flower to bobbing flower right now I could be perfectly happy, blissful, even, so long as I was on the other side of the damn planet to those who would grind me down. So it's not me, it's them. That's something, anyway.

TV? Some, but not what you might expect because the jetlag is still biting hard so I'm either watching stuff back later (and never finding out who murdered who and why because the shows always start anything from 5 to 55 minutes later than the damn guide says, and that's checking the electronic guide before I go and crash. Grump), not watching at all tv shows I promised to watch, and watching guilty secret crap at midday like Blood Ties (nothing like a cheap Canadian vampire show when you're home with the flu). Ah yes, Blood Ties and a vegemite sandwich, oh how I miss you.
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free willy

May. 12th, 2009 03:35 pm
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Not going to talk about work or home merde at all today. Suffice to say I do my best but it is never good enough, fast enough, whatever enough. I run myself ragged trying to please everyone, but please no one, and am punished for it.

They can all go and squat in a prickly pear bush as far as I'm concerned. I have far more serious matters to consider. Matter of Britain matters, even. Like is it a convention that Arthur is often portayed as fair. If so, when did this tradition begin? This all started from our nodding of approval at the classic blond/brunette combo they've got going in Merlin, but then we wondered, is there a tradition?
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free willy

May. 12th, 2009 03:33 pm
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Not going to talk about work or home merde at all today. Suffice to say I do my best but it is never good enough, fast enough, whatever enough. I run myself ragged trying to please everyone, but please no one, and am punished for it.

They can all go and squat in a prickly pear bush as far as I'm concerned. I have far more serious matters to consider. Matter of Britain matters, even. Like is it a convention that Arthur is often portayed as fair. If so, when did this tradition begin? This all started from our nodding of approval at the classic blond/brunette combo they've got going in Merlin, but then we wondered, is there a tradition?
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So I went to see the Degas exhibition in Canberra. Yes, I know, another weekend sans washing but there has to be more to life than washing knickers, right?

I'm not sure whether it was because I broke my rule and told someone, thus opening the door to rolling disasters, but it didn't quite go according to plan.
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"I think we're contractually obliged to use him." - Chris Chibnall, writer and executive producer of Law & Order UK, on John Munch aka Richard Belzer, BBC

Monday: Sigh. I was so happy this morning, the bus was only 15 years old, I had my book to read, and a dear friend had sent me piccies of my fave pretty blond boys. Especially the pretty blond boy I was drooling over all weekend.
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Oh, all I want to do right now is curl into bed with a hot water bottle and watch Maverick. Oh, please let it be a Jack Kelly episode (unless of course I'm still at my desk, in which case James Garner will suffice). I know, I'm dreadful, I came for James, but stayed for Jack. I think it's because, possibly, hypotheticaly, Mr Garner, as the star, seems to get all the gambling and girls stories, leaving poor Mr Kelly with all the actual hanging from cliffs, being chased by bears/injuns/zombies, etc, which makes his episodes the more interesting, to me, anyway.

And, especially as Roger Moore was an actual regular so it's gonna get confusing as I bumble through this, but it kinda comes down to whether you like Moore Bond or Craig Bond, it's kinda like that. Sorta. Do you prefer your hero smooching around cocktail parties or smooshing bad guys faces into sinks? Not that you can't like both, and they mix 'em up on occasion, but I like Bart Maverick. I just do. (Plus, he's really sensitive, kinda gay and wears a really shiny waistcoat). I'm just sayin'.
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Oh boy. Where to start? I think I'll try and do this in themes.

Bond: Bond, Bond and more Bond. Fox Classics has ervamped itself into the All Bond All The Time Channel, and I've absolutely no problem with that. At first I sat down to Dr No because I'd been to that Bond exhibition and thought I would, but then I remembered why I loved the series so much, be it the classic sixties cool of the Connery years to the tacky 70s/80s campness of the Moore years (and sadly, Moonraker was the first Bond film I ever saw in a cinema, and I had to lie about being twelve to get in, hardly seems worth it now). So all I've done really is watch Bond. And...loving it.
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Sign me up for the bah humbug club (especially as Bob Crachit here is working over Xmas again). I'll be out in the yard tonight with my barrage balloons, spotlights, spotters guide and guns, I can tell you.

Still, despite crashing servers and everyone deciding to clear out their inboxes by dumping everything into mine at work, things have been accomplished. I have a tree, of sorts, up, though its bareness distresses me still. We bought some new, nuclear, Xmas lights to string up. They're LED ones, which I find way too bright but Himself loves. I guess I'm a warm glow gal, while he's a cold hard halogen man (the house lights are half n half, in case you were wondering).

The house is also clean-ish. I'd not been too fussed as it was only supposed to be us two and our cold tin of spam but some folks I thought was 15,000+km away are unexpectedly coming over so it was the old spray and wipe ad going on all Sunday, and for those who are unfamiliar with the ad, think of the sudden alarm when the hero is spotted striding up the drive in any Austen tv drama. Only this was far less genteel. More Top Gear than Jane Austen, alas, and I was in full Captain Calamity mode. A personal best for breakages, as Himself shrewishly observed. Well, this is why I'd not mucked in before, because I knew I was overtired and disaster prone. Oh well, and yea, verily, the neighbourhood echoed with the sounds of crashing and swearing.
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boys, toys

Oct. 2nd, 2008 07:31 am
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Okay, so you want to know about the real news this week, yes? The debut of the Oz version of Top Gear. Well, slavish is a word that could be applied, as the set was almost exact and the segments the same. It was also way more technical and I whined that they were wasting film on car facts - one even sketched out the superior clutch system, so we'd understand. That was painful, but that said, Oz boys are far, far, far more serious about their cars than Brit boys, so this must be allowed, I suppose.
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