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This week: Benedict Cumberbatch snubbed again for Sherlock, Daniel Craig swaps super-smart tuxedos for woolly sweaters in Spectre, Aidan Turner didn't audition shirtless for Poldark, David Tennant Spotted On the Set of AKA Jessica Jones, Tobias Menzies on Playing Torture Scenes, Tom Hardy on Life as the New Mad Max, Nicholas Hoult Says Shaving His Head Was Freeing, Dominic Cooper cast as the lead in AMC's Preacher pilot, James Corden nominated for US TV prize, Charlie Cox Talks Daredevil Season Two, James McAvoy Finally Goes Bald for X-Men, Damian Lewis is unrecognisable after '70s makeover for West End's American Buffalo, Eddie Redmayne offered lead in Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts, John Hannah back at Fringe in 2015 after 25 years, Charles Dance sounds awesome in new The Witcher 3 video, Richard E Grant is going to play the Duke of Wellington for BBC Two, Dominic Monaghan had another reunion with his Lord Of The Rings co-stars, Mark Gatiss on his Doctor Who devotion, Christopher Eccleston on social mobility, Peter Davison talks Doctor Who's music, Matt Smith is the fastest Time Lord, Alan Rickman Set to Star in Supernatural Thriller, Charlie Hunnam as King Arthur, Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi return in Vicious, Ewan McGregor to Play Lumiere, Simon Pegg Talks Idris Elba And Star Trek, Paul Bettany on Avengers, Kenneth Branagh unveils new theatre company in London, Toby Stephens Spending 13 Hours With Michael Bay, Jude Law Confirmed for Lead Role, David Oyelowo Finds Three Seconds, Matthew Macfadyen Talks The Enfield Haunting, Richard Armitage Bids Farewell To The Hobbit, Kit Harington on risky Spooks stunts, Rupert Everett joins Musketeers series 3, Andrew-Lee Potts made award-winning film in his cupboard, Tom Hiddleston in Chilling New Crimson Peak Trailers, Martin Freeman joins Captain America, Ioan Gruffudd's Forever Axed, Robert Carlyle to open Edinburgh International Film Festival )
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Hee. Stayed up late last night watching Doctor Who because I couldn't wait and I was being spoiled rotten, but more of that later.
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Sorry about this, it's been mad, absolutely mad. Here, in all its faded glory, is the tattered old blog entry I've been scratching away at this last fortnight. more: Shatner, Cumberbatch, the coolest man in New York... )
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Thurs: Sorry I've not been online much. It's been an odd week, and the universe has been kind of a bad boyfriend of late, you know, it gives me a slap, then apologises, then gives me another slap, and so on and so forth, leaving me tottering between the extremes of woe and delight far more than I usually do.
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i spy

Jul. 24th, 2009 07:18 am
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It is ridiculously, unseasonably warm. This hot sultry wind blew in during the night and now it's pretty much summer. I guess winter is like so last week. Mind you, last Thurs was freezing.

Speaking of tropical, I'm now the proud owner of a mango tree. We've got it sitting beside the banana tree to see how it goes. I'm hoping to turn it into my tropical fruit section. Said mango tree was picked up in Cabramatta. Went on a day trip which involved poling about in exotica, getting ripped off mightily and noodles. In fact lunch was defiantly Python-esque when the maitre'd of the noodle emporium briskly informed me that the menu was off, luv, and there were only two dishes available: the chicken or beef. I went chicken pho and it was pretty darn good. I suspect he was sheilding our delicate red faced barbarian sensibilities, and if I were younger and hot blooded I'd have ordered the klingon dishes as a matter of honour, but I ain't, so I just ordered the chicken.
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King Arthur wants you to buy his flour. I'm sorry, a friend sent me an Arthur monogrammed box in the post, and I'm delighted. Also delighted with the contents, and the hot water bottle has already been deployed, because it's touched on 20C here and that's the temperature at which I start to turn blue, soft southerner that I am.

Ouch. I just accidentally spoiled myself for Torchwood but good. And it kinda puts a thick black line through just about anything I was going to dribble about in today's post, and time's up on writing that anyway.
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Oh, vexation! It's suddenly bucket day and I am halfway through making marmalade. Well, I'm at the soak overnight stage but because I'm nobody's wifey it's gonna have to be soak half a night and a whole day before I get back to it. And I am going to be mullered by the time I get home, and it was shaping up to be such a good batch too: what was left of my cumquats (I thought they look ripe, I'll pick 'em after I finish this other job I'm doing but by the time I finished three quarters of the crop had gone, ack), the last remaining lime, a low hanging lemon and some bought oranges (if the new orange tree doesn't get serious next year I'm doing my great-grandfather's old trick of leaning an axe against the tree, as an incentive).
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Well, perhaps not, but I've just put in an order at amazon (exemption re misery) and with any luck I'll be awash with hot blonds and old coppers in a couple of weeks.

Not that I haven't got enough to be going on with, like over a month's worth of House and Life, but still, I needed something shiny to cheer me up, having been unreasonably meh of late. Speaking of House, this article, so much love: Behind the scenes on Bones with Stephen Fry.

This week has found me in John Hurt mode. No, not slashing the boys (though that'd be fun). I'm talking Alien (those of a nervous disposition will probably prefer to skip this post).
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"But Ken realised it would be quite a small amount of time and would enable him to grow one of the many moustaches he hopes to grow over the course of his career." - Richard Curtis, BBC

Monday: Ow, my head. I have a thumping headache, and I actually managed to turn off my alarm in the twenty minutes of kip I managed to squeeze twixt committments, and I shoulda listened because I've been here three hours now and the best I've managed is to open notepad. Lousy technology.

So in lieu of doing something useful I'm going to tell you all about my weekend. Not that what kept me back late last night and yet more unpaid overtime was in any way useful. But I digress.
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Yep, the Sweeney is back on TV, and not before time, but way too long between drinks for me - I've lost my Sweeney ear. I spent the first half of the episode whining "Hold up, George" and "SBS Euro cop subtitling unit: we need you", but alas, no SBS subtitles to the rescue, so I've still only the rough gist of the chappies in the very, um, impressive ski masks (wot, had the IRA bought up all the butch black ones?) robbing toffs with shooters and our lads grumbling and swearing and in and out of sweaty pubs and the like. A couple more weeks and I'll be like Manny after he over indulged in the Sweeney - grin.

So, of course, last night, despite having every good and just intention of watching the no doubt excellent Brit telly the ABC was serving up, well, it just wasn't going to happen, not when there was Tufty in the offing. So yeah, I watched Life on Mars. And loved every damn minute of it.
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Brit News

Dec. 16th, 2008 08:14 am
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Is wot I deserve for running about in the sleety rain when it's minus six celsius. No excuse for it, except it was the day I'd put aside for wandering about, and thus I did, and it was....bleak.
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Brit News

Nov. 11th, 2008 07:58 am
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So I never got to see Milo.

I spent six hours trapped in meetings with the hobgoblin I can't stand instead. When I wailed that that was cruel and unusual punishment, an aquaintance said it was karma (they ain't no friend of mine no more). Sure, it wasn't the end of the world but that comment really upset me. It wasn't like I'd not had an exceptionally horrid day.

Fortunately I have way better friends than that, one of whom has sent me pages of Milo piccies as consolation (see below). And, oh yes, there were krispy kremes. With sprinkles. And a nice hot cup of tea.

So much for my resolution not to bury my misery in calories. Bollocks to that. Though today I was drowning my sorrows in cold, damp fish (aka what passes for sashimi at the local sushi counter).
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