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You know it's a Monday when the bus driver turns around and asks us where we're meant to be going, exactly. [head in hands].

Actual bus driver or some mental patient just taking the bus out for a spin? To be honest, I'd never be able to tell.

My weekend wasn't much of an improvement on that. It wasn't like I didn't know better: don't drive, don't operate heavy machinery, don't go anywhere near a computer and don't attempt any housework, like, say, the washing.
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Last night I dreamt we were overrun with Nimons, though they weren't half as much trouble as those people down the street, but everyone was asking me how to get rid of them and I had no idea because I'd given up watching Who at that stage. Even in my dreams I'm complete rubbish and useless.

Anyhoo, I supposed you heard my shrill shriek on Sunday. Yes, it was a girlie scream. Having to go out and finish the watering at dusk (and dusk lasts 30 seconds here so it was night by the time I got out the door), I figured how big could the spiders be? Oh, that big. And fie on you know who not coming to my rescue, pinned down as I was by the giant spider. The giant angry spider (trying to hose/shoo him off the wall just made him fiesty). Wibble.
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The good news is that the disk drive ain't broke, it was just two batches of dud disks. Though fie on the two batches cause they ain't cheap.

Anyhoo, Monday again, sunburnt and sleep deprived as usual. Sleep deprived from the storm of short but violent duration last night, though not as interesting as the storm that left thick packs of ice still lying about the place when I got home, not to mention leaves torn off and plastered everywhere and stuff blown down and blown over, though I'm happy to lose just a few pots, considering the obvious maelstrom.
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Monday: Um, no scans this week. I had other stuff to do and it was hot. Plus I'm knackered. Running around like a blue arsed fly. Made myself sick on Sunday, but that's what I get for weeding in 38C heat after having yoghurt and berries for lunch.

Today I am weilding the holepunch. You know, I wasted my twenties going to uni at night just so I'd never have to spend all day holepunching again, but sans proper job, it's my "special project" of the week. They didn't even sugar coat it with "as you've got records management experience..." Nope, it was just "holepunch, bitch". So I holepunch (therefore I am?).
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Heroes is on tonight. I damn nearly would have missed it had I not caught it in the most casual perusal of the tv guide this morning (as in should I be setting the pvr for anything in case of transport mishaps?). Okay, so obviously I missed all the ads (were there ads?) or this is the most low key kick-off ever. Never mind. Heroes. Whee.

But what really had me squealing last night (sorry Hugh, sorry Damian) was the ad for Supernatural. Winchesters! Squee! I mean double squee, because I had been fretting all the way home about the impossibility of downloading episodes in 37C heat (without Dell Boy throwing a strop), and now I don't have to. Sam! Dean! Squee!

Okay, I totally have to dips me lid to Channel Ten for screening House and Life last night. Okay, a bit sliced and diced for ads (either that or I zoned over certain plot points) but otherwise, well, the novelty of watching on tv, without any jiggery pokery, an episode of House I'd only read about last week - well, what fun.
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new toy

Jun. 26th, 2007 03:13 pm
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Hey there, sports fans. I think I'll skip the usual ruminations and just give y'all a quick recap since it's been a while since I've had any time to actually write an entry (even now I'm multi-tasking with stuff downloading, disks burning and cuppa cooling - Sam would be proud).
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I showed off my new boots to my sibling, who commented that they were "okay, unless I wanted to run away from daleks in them", so it's official, then.
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Not too much of a happy camper this morning. To be sure there was Dougie, Simmo, the Gene Genie and Jonas for all, but RL sucketh mightily.
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save me

Apr. 18th, 2007 06:05 pm
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My hands are purple. I look like I've been robbing banks. But more on that later (actually, given the fact that I've yet to write this blog entry and I've opened it up n times since Sunday, I'll just say briefly it was a horrible laundry accident and my mojo skirt is completely fubar).

Meanwhile, I've discovered where I've been going wrong with LOM. Waiting until I was in a good mood to watch it was all wrong. Watching it when I was quite happy to show several people the business end of a hammer (to recap, doing the work of four people and trying to get everything done by next Monday) was the way to do it. So on Monday night I settled down to watch episodes 5-7 before I get any more spoilt than I already have been. And I really, really enjoyed it.
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"Were it not for us being such bad coppers, in 20 years time all those cold case shows like Waking The Dead wouldnt have cases to re-open!" - Dead Ringers LOM sketch.

Well, I've often thought that. I keep waiting for the Waking the Dead crew to open up one of Gene's old cases. Or the New Tricks lot. :)

Meanwhile, I was supposed to be reading my new(ish) book, but I ended up watching the clouds as we mounted the old Anzac bridge. What clouds. Piled high in boiling mountains up into a pale blue sly, darkly grey and hellish orange at the bottom but lit all fluffly white and pinky golden at the very top as dawn had just, that second, started to break. Full on Hollywood clouds. Constable would have creamed himself.
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You know you've walked a bit when you start seeing road signs for Wollongong. Yeah, I walked to the Enmore from work because I didn't know which bus to catch because I always used to walk it and I told myself to walk it again, you lardy bitch. So I did.

There were only three things that I needed to consider:
a) the last time I worked in the city it was down by Central which was halfway there
b) that was a while ago now
c) and I used to wear Docs.
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Apologies for the late running BNW again. What can I say? My path is strewn with cowpats from the devil's own satantic herd, etc, etc.

Meant to post it Friday but was kept back after school again (and this after being screamed at for all the unpaid overtime I clocked up - like it's my fault I don't get the urgent stuff until after 5pm). So I missed nearly everything bar Spooks. Mmmm...Adam. I forgot to mention that last week I was bemused to see the action seemed to revolve around a station coffee shop I knew intimately - grin.
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An evening with Richard Armitage, and what a fine evening it was. I'd actually had no more hopes than setting the recorder thingy, popping a few pills and nodding off, but instead I found myself happily lost in the viewing/perving experience, quite entranced until I realised it was only four hours away from gettin' up time. Ooops. But he was so very lovely. We had PoncyRichard, ActionRichard and SleazyRichard, all very charming and not the sort I'd kick out of bed for eating biscuits, n'est pas?

I'd not actually seen The Impressionists before (and given that I was Manet'd/Monet'd to death in the 90s, there's probably a good reason for that) but it was actually quite charming, in an extraordinarily low budget kinda way. Looks like one of those proto doco/drama things, ie as well as feasting on the eye candy of Mr Armitage, there were vistas galore and they insisted on educating me on all the history that I missed out on going to a poor school that never taught art. Gosh, but I actually learnt stuff. I did want to slap Monet though, whining about being penniliess, then admiting he was on an allowance. Poncy middle class bastard. Ahem.

Dear Freddy Bazille was slightly distracting, being played by that wanker from Absolute Power. Shame to see him snuffed out, I do so hate wasted lives of extraordinary promise when perfectly useless lives just carry on. It's just so unfair.

Btw, Impressionists slash: too soon? Discuss. (cf The Yellow House).
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No, nothing to do with woodland deviancy (per se) but apparently an old radio series, discussed at length recently in the Herald. Apparently set in a RAF base where silliness abounded, it sounds like a precursor to MASH.

It also sounds like the sort of lunacy I endure here. Though today I was given the stationery catalogue to go through and draw up an order. I think it was meant to be a punishment, but they weren't aware of my stationery porn fetish - until now. Weird stuff in there, too. I had no idea one could order one of those green shaded desk lamps so beloved of American law shows. "You could stay back late at night and eat takeaway from those American paper containers, but never just one, it has to be at least three, and feel you've arrived," said a colleague, thoroughly versed in the conventions of the tv law show.

Yes, we'd all like to sit at a big desk in a pencil skirt with American-style Chinese takeaway and feel we've finally arrived. Suave.

Failing that, I amused myself on the bus this morning with thoughts of further forest frolics (though why reading poor Jane Austen should inspire this I shall never know - was it something Mr Knightley said?). The Clannad nearly got loose though, but I've managed to chain it back up in the dungeon. If it gets out again I shall have to give it to the sheriff as a plaything.

I've also been searching around to try and convey that I liked episode three of Life on Mars, but...but then I read the "..and I would have got away with it if not for you pesky kids" line on TRA and that just about finished the episode for me. Sadly, all the subtle shades and tones seem to be missing this season. It all seems just a bit clunky and heavy handed, like the line about Irish not bombing pubs. Gee, I wonder what on earth they could be referring to? [/sarcasm]
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Quote of the day:
"I felt like an awful old harlot taking this young innocent man's screen virginity from him."
- Emilia Fox, The Guardian.

I don't know why, but it amuses me. Dear little innocent Sam - smirk. Anyhoo, I was bemused to see the NYT trying to figure out Robin's politics, as I'd had a similiar unhappy revelation last Saturday night while watching old (but still good) West Wings on the ABC. Far from being the East Midland's answer to Che, this time round, what with Robin's insistence on tax cuts and small governement, this can only mean our boy is, holy hannah, a Republican.

Eeeeewww. Okay, so possibly, and I can't beilieve I'm actually typing this, a liberal Republican like Arnie, rather than a truly scary Republican, but still. I feel a need to shower, scrub and exfoliate.

But thank you West Wing for pointing it out. That show is nothing if not educational, in fact essentially so for my working life, which I appreciate. But I also appreciated to opportunity to see Alan Alda, most beloved, on a roll. Thanks for that. I was one happy little piglet.
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Sorry about the late running Brit News Weekly. It's ready to go but last night's drama was the eventual non arrival of the bug man. But while I waited (and waited) it was a job for a dvd (all praise the stop button) and what did I have to watch but Life on Mars.
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Actual hot, steamy tea all over the keyboard, all because of this. (OMGtheirloveissopugilicious!)


And you'd think I've been off furiously finishing my last LOM fic. I wish. But the Canberra trip was a nice diversion.
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The only good thing today is a lovely bit of Sam and Gene-ness.

And it's prolly the only Sam + Gene I'll get as it was fic interuptus this morning and last night. I just have to try and think of one of the boys and someone taps me on the shoulder. Sigh.

Meanwhile, I'm wearing the penis skirt. At first I thought it was a half-arsed attempt at fleur-de-lis badly done at some poor Asian sweat shop, but upon the third wearing of the skirt I decided that no, what it really looked like was a line of rampant cocks poorly picked out in pink embroided thread around the hem of my cheap brown skirt. I'm not sure whether I picked this design consciously or unconsciously or if it was just the shiny sequins that explode from my, ahem, fleur-de-lis, but I think it makes me love it that little bit more.

Besides, it's entirely appropriate to wear today, a salute to the King of Goats, if you will, as it's the last two episodes of Rome tonight. Sigh. Titus deprivation may soon kick in and kick hard.
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salad days

Jan. 30th, 2007 05:12 pm
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Okay, oysters, red wine and Rome don't mix. This much I have learnt.

They were surprisingly good oysters though, picked up from the local chip shop (usually a dubious enterprise). The wine was a disappointment though. I was impressed that in the last year the bottleshop had expanded from one single shelf of red to a bookcase and now an entire wall. So much choice, but, alas, I chose poorly. Well, there weren't any of the labels I usually go for, so I had to take a punt.

I went with a Shiraz from SA that promised much but delivered little, and it was on the second most expensive shelf, too. I was hoping for something light and fruity but it tasted exactly like a Californian wine (to the point of having to re-check the label), with that horrid strained through potting mix aftertaste. Bleuch. Mind you, it got me legless with just one tiny Kraft krystal glass, so perhaps that's where the priciness came from.

I shoulda stuck with something from NSW though. At least then I know it's gonna taste like paint stripper and if it leaves the enamel on my teeth I'll be pleasantly surprised.
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