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This week: Andrew Garfield shows off his toned body in the new look Amazing Spider-Man costume, Matt Smith talks new Doctor Who, Tom Hiddleston says his Loki could appear in six films if Fans want it, Gary Oldman scoops 'best actor' gong for Tinker Tailor at Empire Awards, Tom Hardy Wants to Play James Bond, Michael Fassbender talks Prometheus, David Tennant adopts wife's son, Matthew Rhys Joins FX's The Americans, Ewan McGregor on his busy life, Matthew Macfadyen and Jerome Flynn get to work on the set of bloody new series Ripper Street, Damian Lewis talked Homeland with Barack Obama at White House dinner, Rupert Penry-Jones dislikes stripping on TV, Kevin McKidd producing charity album with Scots musicians, Dexter Fletcher's Mates Help Directing Debut, Jude Law Steps Out to End Domestic Violence, Dougray Scott to play jailed Enron banker in new movie, Daniel Craig lends gravitas to superb One Life, Jonny Lee Miller on the set of latest Sherlock Holmes adaptation, Hugh Bonneville eyes Shameless role, Eddie Izzard's marathon challenge, James Corden jumps for joy in photo shoot for US Vogue, Eddie Redmayne on filming Birdsong, Occult draws Rufus Sewell, Head replacing Brosnan in movie, Clive Owen makes some Blood Ties, Connery animated role to be shown, McGann passed test for Withnail, Tom Felton gets Attached to Stone, Irons to star in The Host, Christian Bale in talks to star in Out Of The Furnace, Jason Isaacs has a dirty mouth and other confessions, Hugh Grant wants Bridget Jones 3, Daniel Radcliffe Debuts New Look )
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Sorry about this, it's been mad, absolutely mad. Here, in all its faded glory, is the tattered old blog entry I've been scratching away at this last fortnight. more: Shatner, Cumberbatch, the coolest man in New York... )
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Thurs: Sorry I've not been online much. It's been an odd week, and the universe has been kind of a bad boyfriend of late, you know, it gives me a slap, then apologises, then gives me another slap, and so on and so forth, leaving me tottering between the extremes of woe and delight far more than I usually do.
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Okay, this is very much going to be blog interrupted but bear with me, I've had a few busy/rough days, but I'm back now, and Timothy Hutton is my new honey bunny.

Last week: I was just chatting about party food with the temp (I almost always get on with temps), because I was thinking about doing something re the upcoming weekend, especially since tomorrow looks like being a shocker of a long day (ie, I'll need snacks). Anyway, my old party piece used to be the pineapple. Oh yes, what used to pass for the height of sophistication way back when. The last time I ever did one, sigh, must have been nearly ten years ago now, at a previous job, where we decided to throw a Melbourne Cup party but we had to bring 60s cocktail party food, crazy kids that we were.

Anyway, the pineapple (and if you're setting up elsewhere, best to pop everything into little plastic containers and assemble in situ, trust me on this). First, get yourself a large and pleasing pineapple. Then get several packets worth of toothpicks. Always err on the side of way too many (you can always use them for stuff like digging sticky fruit loaf toast out of the toaster later). Get yourself a cheap cheddar and chop it into tiny cubes, about 1cm square. Then get your olives, with pimentos, and at least three colours of cocktail onions, all drained. Stick cheese, onions and olives onto toothpicks. You can double or triple up if you like, if you've got a good supply, but leave at least half of the toothpick free to stab into the pineapple and for folks to grab at. Using the pineapple as an adhoc chequerboard, you just stick your cocktail toothpicks into the pineapple in a criss cross alignment, making patterns if you wish (it depends on the amount of time you have, creativity and level of ocd). Et voila, one swinging 60s cocktail party pineapple, good to go.

Hey, it's what they used to do for fun, they didn't have cable. It makes a nice centrepiece with the Jatz crackers and devilled eggs.
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