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Weird day. Well, it's daylight saving which always discombobulates, but then I was a'googling and discovered the nekkid actor I was ogling yesterday is a political blogger. Well, well, well. Turns out young Octavian is a flag waving Democrat. Who knew? Well, you did, probably, but I've not had much time to wander on the webby, except this morning because I'm annoyed and grumpy. Woke up annoyed and grumpy. Went to bed annoyed and grumpy.

Which isn't to say yesterday wasn't enlivened by oiled and nekkid Simon Woods, oiled and nekkid James Purefoy, a young skinny McAvoy and two hours of Winchester Brothers.
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That'll learn me to be churlish. Came home yesterday, after a fruitless search for every item on my shopping list (I hate shopping) to find the washing done, floor swept, newspapers recycled, pots watered, washing up done, bills paid and dinner ready.

Okay, so the houseboy gets chocolates instead of a whipping. I didn't mean to be unreasonably churlish, it's just that while I'm still working full time (with the hobgoblin and upheaval), the houseboy is only on two days a week, so I thought the 50/50 housework divide could be slightly renegotiated during this period (it frees me up of stress, worry and late nights, which helps more than I can say).
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Oh boy, as Sam used to say. Ignoring history making work merde for the moment, we turn our minds back to a dark and rainy Friday night. You just won't believe how tiny that regional gallery was (I'd compare it to my 1940s kitchen, but you've no concept of how tiny that is, so let's go with cupboard). And cram packed with matrons and wankers.

Basically it was an installation by the prima wanker who had no friggin idea about the history of the women she'd co-opted for her art, including my great great great great great great grandmother. Then the mayor stood up and called the women whores and protitutes. It's not every day the mayor calls your grandmother a whore. If only I was still limber enough to get the bastard with a flying kick over the lectern (hykeeba!). But alas, no. I drank their beer, I chewed their prawns and I departed, steaming, in the soaking downpour.
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Sep. 1st, 2008 02:30 pm
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Heh, the links section is rapidly turning into a defacto Scandinavian Actors Weekly (Mads, Alexander, Viggo). Not that I mind one bitty bit (but no, keeping track of Brits is bad enough). But can you imagine? I mean, I could go so silly and include actors from York, and the north east of Scotland, which was once part of Norway. But I won't. That would be very, very silly indeed (doesn't stop folks lobbing Aussies, Kiwis and Canucks on the Brit list, though).
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I was looking at some pages for work, truly I was, web accessibility blah blah blah Zzzzzzz...three clicks or so later and I was gazing upon Det Sgt J Hathaway. Much better.

Sometimes I love the interwebs. Almost as much as I love J Hathaway. Nah, nothing could match that. Just amusing, anyhoo, how few clicks it took to get from boring to beauty. But as far as the meta goes, I should really be worried about Illya Kuryakin. It's getting so I'm expecting to see his name written in clouds next. Silly.

Yes, I'm bored. Reading 30+ page docs on the dullest of subjects will do that to a girl, so I clickied on the linkies at the back of said doc and et viola, J Hathaway. Sweet.

Hathers: hero of the hour. Or half hour, at least.
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Heyho. Sorry. It's been a week. Screamed at by bossess while hellish ill, you know, the usual. First the planned scanning was called on account of hotwater bottles, then I stayed home on Monday because it wasn't fun, then for the next four days on top of everything else I had a massive sinus headache from all the bits of vomit lodged violently up the back of my nose. Not fun. And did I mention getting screamed at? Thank goodness for my old lady tv progs.
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They're pulling Starbucks out of Oz. Sure, their coffee was rubbish, but don't they realise that vanilla lattes are a vital part of my cognitive processes?
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This has not been a good week. I had such high hopes, but alas, they've all been crushed underfoot and nothing has gone to plan and I seem to be under the most dreadful jinx - I can't even walk into my room without sending all my dvds flying.
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Nothing much happening of great import except a visit from the plumber (the trees had got into the pipes again). This meant making sure all the access points were accessible, but instead of being allowed to leave on time as agreed I had to stay back late for some interdepartmental tomfoolery.

Which meant I had to shift pot plants and tiles and the like in the dark. By torch light. In heavy sleet. Oh yes, it was sleet all right. It started to spit sleet while I was walking down to the station with a Scots friend who confirmed my sleety suspiscions (it's the snow they've been having everywhere else). Less than fun.
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"James had passed through the fire, but he had passed also through the river of years which washes out the fire; he had experienced the saddest experience of all--forgetfulness of what it was like to be in love." – John Galsworthy, The Forsyte Saga

Still bemused that Word kept suggesting I use 'naked' in the file title for a doc. Especially considering who was naked (minor reflexsive shudder). Ah, if only I could finish this fic, eh? I doubt it, but I'll try. You wouldn't believe the interruptions this morning. Grand Central station here, so it is.
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slash happy

Jun. 2nd, 2008 02:45 pm
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I just found this pic in the ol flist and it reminded me that there's always time for dress up fun at the castle:

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Tales of balloon animals, sex fiend possums, cupcakes, platform shoes, hero worship, Danish coppers and gladiator fillums within...(it's been a rough two weeks)
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Thursday: It was David Morrissey wot done it. There I was, innocently perusing the piccies of him in that show, all done up like the Dickens, and, oh my, he was looking mightly fine. Like Meadowlands fine (shockingly awful show, but DM was the hotness).
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By the gods, I've missed Titus Pullo. If I'd known that all I needed to make me deeply happy was a shot of the old Titus, I would have done it ages ago, but no, I've been going without the great lug for ages. Until now. They're replaying Rome on Showcase. And I got home in time to watch it. What a treat.
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Pros of getting out of bed and going to work: hot water on tap (our kettle at home could be best described as taking a liesurely approach to the art of boiling water). Cons: actually having to work. Also, sitting upright and not throwing up on the carpet are proving a bit of a strain, but so far so good re the carpet. Wish I could say the same about my poor skirt.
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"Unrequited love. It's fantastic, 'cause it never has to change, it never has to grow up and it never has to die!"

Um, not quite. And isn't it interesting to compare Vince's declaration with Martha's: more: spoiler, and oh no, not you again )


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