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This post: Tom Hiddleston adds fuel to James Bond rumours as he’s spotted in meeting with Sam Mendes, Benedict Cumberbatch Films Sherlock Season Four, David Tennant and Catherine Tate talk about their return to Doctor Who, Matthew Rhys Is The Most Charming Podcast Guest of All Time, Why Tom Holland Was Disappointed By His First Time In The Spider-Man Costume, Jamie Bell Says He Would Make a Terrible Spy, Hugh Laurie has heard rumblings about The Night Manager returning, Eddie Redmayne joins Early Man from the makers of Wallace and Gromit, Kit Harington Is Sorry About That Big Jon Snow Secret, Idris Elba to star in Sky's 1970s political drama Guerrilla, Henry Cavill has split from teenage girlfriend, Cillian Murphy confirmed to join Tom Hardy in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, Nicholas Hoult is J.D. Salinger in first look at Rebel in the Rye, Tobias Menzies on why Black Jack is so obsessed with Jamie, Sam Heughan on season two and the show’s future, Jude Law returns to London stage in Ivo van Hove's Obsession, Rory Kinnear to make directorial debut, Aidan Turner to keep his shirt on in second series, Tom Ellis's Lucifer will return for a second series, Hugh Dancy Joins Fifty Shades Darker, Colin Firth Might Be Returning for the Kingsman Sequel, Matt Smith cast in new play Unreachable at London’s Royal Court, James McAvoy and Anne-Marie Duff announce divorce, John Boyega to star in Woyzeck at the Old Vic, Patrick Stewart keeps a bag of James McAvoy's hair at home in his safe, Carlyle vows Begbie will be even scarier in Trainspotting 2, Michael Fassbender to play Austrian serial killer, Tom Hardy films new TV show Taboo in Cornwall, Hugh Bonneville says he leads a charmed life, New look at Dominic Cooper’s Jesse Custer )
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Sorry about this, it's been mad, absolutely mad. Here, in all its faded glory, is the tattered old blog entry I've been scratching away at this last fortnight. more: Shatner, Cumberbatch, the coolest man in New York... )

Brit News

Dec. 6th, 2008 03:27 pm
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Words to live by. Certainly words I've been cradling close to my heart all week (especially with all those meetings, one more to go, but so far, the wee Fick mantra is holding).

Yes, I finally got into Generation Kill. I'm only up to episode three, and I'm still having problems with the jargon jargon (American and military and American military) and then The Lovely Alexander twists the jargon jargon even further with those lovely Scandanavian vowels of his and I'm completely lost, even after replaying it three times. It's like jargon jargon jargon bork bork bork, but I don't mind because he's so damn pretty and soulful, in the face of unrelentling idiocy (and enemy fire).
more: 'Now look at us: Trombley hasn't killed anybody, I'm half a world away from good Thai pussy, and Colbert is out here rolling around fuckbutt Iraq hunting for dragons in a MOPP suit that smells like four days of piss and ball sweat' )


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