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Monday: It's an ill wind and all that, and there is one good thing to have come from the McCarthy witch hunts, albeit indirectly, and that is Shakespeare's Globe theatre, dream project of Sam Wanamaker, father of Zoe, who ended up in London as a result of being blacklisted.

I couldn't make the screening of Much Ado About Nothing, which I had been squeeing about in anticipation for weeks, and I was, and remain, completely gutted, but, bless 'em, the Globe just got back to my hastily thumbed email to say that they would certainly think about venues closer to my locale (which is kind, as Sydney transport is nowhere near London transport) and that Much Ado would be out on dvd from The Globe shop by years's end. So yay. Not as much fun as being there, or seeing it on the big screen, but still very much yay because I thought I'd missed out.
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I should probably have to put a little more effort into the housework and stop slacking off so much, I realise, as Miss Havisham's house showed me up somewhat (I was the one with spiders dangling from doorways and cockroaches racing each other round the sink). Oh dear. I still say the six hour daily commute has to take some of the blame - I don't do my best work at midnight on three hours sleep.

Some reviews said Gillian was a touch OTT in her turn as Miss Havisham. Seriously, isn't playing such an arch character like Miss H a licence to unleash the inner panto queen? If not then, when? Ray Winstone, well, you know who he was playing (the words 'born to play' may have been bandied about) and young Mr Booth was as insipid but impossibly pretty as always (not that he's been seen on local tv before but I have an obscure dvd collection).
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FRIDAY: Ooh, I'm getting in trouble for not reading emails. Sorry. Been really, really busy and it's way too hot for my poor old wheezing lap top. It's supposed to get up to 47C on Sunday. Everyone is saying to stay home on the weekend. (and the peanut gallery is promising to wear something diaphanous, which fair boggles the mind).

And on that, never mind. Been a bit upset this week, more than a bit to be honest, but I've heard negativity leads to mass unfriending so I'll try to keep a lid on it. One must be peppy and entertaining above all things (even tho the server was down, my software wasn't working and my keyboard was dead, all before I'd made my first cup of tea. Keep smiling. Must not show them I'm rattled).

So there's not a lot to say about yesterday, which mercifully, I had off and even being up to my elbows in cockroach poo and worse while cleaning both kitchen and bathroom, it was still way better than being at work. Got the laundry done, carried about 27 buckets of water about the garden, cause I also had to wash out all the bottles of ex sauces etc from the ex fridge that I discovered had been left for me, for a week, in the hot sun. Mmmm, tasty. Still way better than being at work, though. And at least I've managed to get the food dye stains on my hands down so now I just look like a smoker, not a bank robber (though which is the least socially acceptable these days?) but I still smell disturbingly of old chutney and pickles, etc. All the oils of Araby won't sweeten this little hand, etc, etc.
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Yep, the Sweeney is back on TV, and not before time, but way too long between drinks for me - I've lost my Sweeney ear. I spent the first half of the episode whining "Hold up, George" and "SBS Euro cop subtitling unit: we need you", but alas, no SBS subtitles to the rescue, so I've still only the rough gist of the chappies in the very, um, impressive ski masks (wot, had the IRA bought up all the butch black ones?) robbing toffs with shooters and our lads grumbling and swearing and in and out of sweaty pubs and the like. A couple more weeks and I'll be like Manny after he over indulged in the Sweeney - grin.

So, of course, last night, despite having every good and just intention of watching the no doubt excellent Brit telly the ABC was serving up, well, it just wasn't going to happen, not when there was Tufty in the offing. So yeah, I watched Life on Mars. And loved every damn minute of it.
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WED: Well, I have a few new baubles for my tiny, tiny tree, which is something. I actually got some tree hooks for free as there was none left but a half used, half chewed packet and the girl gave to me for free as I'd suffered enough (I'd related the sad, sad tale of my ex decs and the queue behind me almost turned into a support group as fellow tinsel-philes shuddered at the thought of suffering same).

I like that though, being declared having "suffered enough". Would that I could use that as a pass for other equally fractious facets of my life.

And I like the wee little elf I found. He looks very Rankin Bass, hence the appeal.
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The two men try to steel themselves for a serious conclusion. Fassbender looks over at Cunningham and asks: “Have we forgotten to tell him anything?” Cunningham shrugs, smirks, then adds: “Other than the fact that we’re lovers, no.” Steve McQueen’s Hunger: featuring one of cinema's greatest ever scenes ( Michael Fassbender & Liam Cunningham )

Sorry, just had to share that quote. And also apparently invoke an impromptu Liam Cunningham festival on what started out as a rather grim Saturday, so I caught up on my telly which meant Liam in Murphy's Law and Liam in Messiah (which also featured a wee Sam Troughton). Enjoyed both though neither offered anything particularly new, although it's unfair to accuse Messiah of ripping off Dexter, but since I've seen it after Dexter, that's the way I'm viewing it.
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Sep. 29th, 2008 02:50 pm
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It was a weekend of vintage tv dectectives, timelords, tarzan's grip and interesting rashes. Oh yeah, and folks other than me are having sex in my underwear.
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This week is brought to you by The Man Who Was Thursday. Even Lewis namechecked it: "I've heard of that story - The Man Who Was Thursday." (Dexter 1994, Daughters of Cain)

It's just one of those freaky coincidences where a song or name will just pop up everywhere until you're quite sure you're going mad, like Sam Tyler mad. So for me, this week has been wallpapered by The Man who Was Thursday. I suppose it befalls me to now actually read the bloody book (good luck find a copy in this bookshop shy town - better dead than read).
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"Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue."
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I met Jared. We talked about Jensen's crotch.
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So, no more Life on Mars. Last episode played here last night - and I nearly didn't get to see it as I was obliged by work to attend this wankfest but as nobody wanted to schmooze with this little bumpkin in her K-mart shirt I was out the door asap and in a taxi.

Made it.
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How was your easter? I did sweet f.a. This is just a prelude as I'm about to moan again but I didn't want to start with what I wrote on Thurs. There's some tv-related stuff later on, promise.
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I'm not sure when I'll be able to post this, as still with the whole lack of access issue, and lack of spare time otherwise (indeed, last night I foolishly spent a few hours sleeping when more correctly I should have been online cleaning out the inbox), but I live in hope. Also, with all my fave shows going off the air I should be less distracted by the siren call of hunky ghostbusters, sneaky spies, chaps in tight trousers or the romantic lives of old school coppers.
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