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So I saw Hugh Laurie and his band last night, and it was fun, like jump up in your seat and dance fun. I heard somebody say a touch loudly and unkindly as we left the theatre that as a singer Hugh was a great actor. That, I thought was somewhat unfair. Okay, so he can't belt it out like the girls in the band, but who could, and he seemed so wonderfully happy to bash away at the piano it'd be churlish to deny him his very obvious joy.

Besides, it was Hugh, the Hugh I grew up with (ie, not House), so it was like 30% Bertie and 60% George (snerk). In fact I was midly disappointed he didn't do Minnie the Moocher, such was his rendition in Jeeves and Wooster I still sing it on occasion. So sweet, so funny, so goofy.

As was the show. I had a ball, I really, really did. It was just like that Caberet night last year with Barry Humphries and Meow Meow, both with sometime comedians, sometime actors taking the mic and belting out some very carefully curated and beloved vintage tunes that were quirky, darkly funny, sexy, silly or heartbreaking. It was just like that, so I was thrilled. It was like having two masterclasses with two puckish professors taking you through a very personal history of music. Only that sounds way more dry than it was. It totally rocked, like bring the house down rocked. Say what you like, but the man knows how to put on a show.

So that was fun, and I did like his admiration of the beloved old palace that is the State Theatre (where too much is never enough), and his very obvious dislike of modern boxes, the ones owned by accounting firms, and that look it. You know the sort. Ah, a kindred spirit. Not sure how much longer we can keep the State, but it's not like I don't love it with due reverence and awe every time I go there. Ya gotta see the Butterfly Room. Ya just gotta.

Anyways, that was that. What else? Took some photos of how I spent the hols (below), saw Benedict Cumberbatch up close and far away, and asked Andrew Upton a very silly question at a Q&A for Mojo.
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I wish someone could see me today. I've done that thing again where I've dropped three dress sizes after three days in hell and I just want someone to see it before I spring back into Jabba mode by the end of the week.

Would that I could keep this up the whole time, but alas a diet solely consisting of whisky, flu tablets and painkillers just isn't practical when one has to hold down a proper job and household without all that 'support' that those vacuous little children in Hollywood refer to, if ever, when explaining how they maintain their fabulous jetsetting lifestyles, shiny homes and bony hips. Grumble.

Anyhoo, household managed under duress (freezing temps, annoyed parrots) and some of the mighty dvd backlog caught up on.

Just about up to date on Burn Notice, and just as well as Friday's ep went MIA from the tv schedule (if they moved it, I never found it).
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There was surprise Boner in the Sunday paper yesterday and I damn nearly spat out my cereal, which would have been somewhat counter productive, but I sure wasn't expecting a picture of young Matty to be gracing the pages of the local rag, but there you go. I suppose it helps that his beard on the night was an Aussie. Oh, did I say beard? I meant, oh, never mind.

Meanwhile, what a weekend (and I feel suitably wretched this morning, you'll be gratified to know, even overslept by and hour, but somehow in my panic managed to get into work half an hour earlier than usual - how, I will never know, but it possibly involved bending the laws of time and space in ways that one really shouldn't). Nevertheless, I was treated to seeing beloved Paul McDermott singing the praises of syphillis as I sipped warm champagne on a warm summer night. It doesn't get better than this.
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Laurie, who keeps his US accent in between takes, says: "I know I'm not the first British actor to play an American in a network TV show - in this, as in so many other aspects of my life, I have modelled myself on Jane Seymour - but I have tried to represent the UK as well as I know how. I am punctual, sober, I know my lines and I haven't threatened any of my co-workers with a gun. If that has helped smooth the way for other British actors, hooray!" - The Guardian

I just loved the "hooray" at the end. I'm not sure if I should picture him in full Bertie mode, or young George. Oh, I miss Blackadder. I miss Jeeves and Wooster. set???

Btw, fabby Roman mosaic on Time Time the other week. I love a good mosaic.

Meanwhile, this is just too cute:

Bradley James (who plays Arthur) is a bit like a son to me, and I’m a bit like a father to him. And, Colin Morgan (who plays Merlin) and Bradley get along really well. They have the same relationship, off screen. He doesn’t push Colin around like he does on screen, but the banter is there. And, they have this very strange humor that no one else gets, and they just crack up at each other’s jokes. - IESB
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Hello. As I don't have time to post every day any more, I've got a collection of fun quotes to start off with.

First up is DT himself, providing a masterful example of why hiring actors who know their stuff is a good thing. Here, the boy demonstrates his thorough knowledge of what makes a superior action figure by way of years of field testing, bless:
The trick is, he says, to have a completely blank expression when they photograph you. He learnt this as a child, playing with his own Doctor Who toys. “If the figures look happy, or fierce, or anything, it’s bound to ruin some scene you’ve got going on. The versatile action figure is the blank-faced action figure.” - Behind the scenes of the Doctor Who Christmas Special, starring Kylie

Next up is David McCallum, commenting on MUNCLE slash:
"I mean the idea of Robert and I getting it on (laughs) I think is the funniest thing I've heard this year. With all due respect to Robert, who's a very attractive, nice fellow." - Cool cat doesn't crack under pressure

And finally, because I've been off my game and letting all the Robin Hood reviews slip by, but this one popped into my inbox three times and it's reasonably representative of the rest of the crop (sorry Jonas): more: the ginchiest )


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